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Impress Customers With an EV Charging Station for Your Small Business

ev charging station

Electric vehicles are more popular than ever. According to Wired, electric vehicle sales in the United States were set to breach the 1 million mark in 2023, which would be a significant milestone. If you’re a small business owner, you should capitalize on the popularity of those electric cars. You can do that by setting up a charging station for electric vehicles near your business. Continue below to learn about the benefits of adding that EV charging station to your commercial property.

Improves Customer Engagement

It’s not difficult to imagine a charging station's immediate impact on your business. Now that more people are stopping by to recharge, you will likely get more people in your store. Once they’re in your store, it’s easier to sell them on the goods and services you have available.

Even if the person charging their vehicle had no plans to pull over next to your store, they may now be inclined to check what you have to offer. Not everyone who stops by to recharge will become a customer in your store, but that distinct possibility still exists. Over the long haul, installing that charging station may translate to your business getting many new customers.

Provides Additional Income

When presented with the idea of building an EV charging station for electric cars next to your establishment, your first thought may be the potential cost. Harboring that concern makes sense, but you cannot focus only on the immediate financial ramifications of such a move. After all, that charging station can quickly become a real asset for your business.

The income from the charging station can become another revenue stream. Given how popular electric cars have become, the income from your charging station may only grow in the coming years. Don’t miss out on all that potential revenue by setting up your charging station sooner rather than later. You can then use that extra income to reinvest in your business and grow it further.

Reflects Your Business’ Eco-Friendly Stance

Lastly, you should install a charging station for electric vehicles next to your business because it can help reduce pollution in your area. That new addition can solidify your business as an eco-friendly entity within your community. You can win over more customers because of that.

Don’t underestimate the benefits a new charging station can deliver for your business. Set plans to install one today and start enjoying the benefits we detailed above. Contact EV Blu today and we’ll handle the installation of your new EV charging station!

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